Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Over at the Gospel Driven Life, a recent blog says:
We do not wish to build marriage-and-family-centered churches, or spiritual-gift-centered churches, or accountability-centered churches, or ordinance-centered churches, or spiritual-discipline-centered churches, or program-centered churches, or education/doctrine-centered churches. We wish to bring our emphasis to the Person and work of Christ again and again and let the applications fall in line around him. It is the solar system of theology -- the sun (Son) is the key, and the orbiting planets fall in line with it (Him).
Yes, yes, YES!
I can't agree more. It isn't so much that we cannot lead a (seemingly) "good Christian" life without hearing Gospel. It is possible for people to hear a persuasive and passionate talk which has no Gospel in it and they may change to more moral and "good". But that is the one of the worst, most devilish thing with non-gospel talks which tries to arouse hearers to be motivated to be "good". People won't even know that they are in need to Jesus, they won't even know they need to hear the Gospel over and over again and again, and they will slowly but surely go astray without even themselves noticing it!

Oh, God have mercy on me and my church, Your church, and bring the gospel-soaked preacher to our pulpit!

Go and read the whole thing!

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