Thursday, 6 March 2008

James Fong Update - 06-Mar-2008

Mrs. Fong gave us an update.
  • Since then he has had an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) which was much the same as the last one - not much improvement (but no deterioration either - praise God) on his ejection fraction (heart pumping) which was 20%. He has also had a CT scan of his head - which was apparently normal. However, during the procedure, he had another black out. We are all unsure what these new symptoms mean but James will be hospital for 4-5 days to have further tests.
  • We ask that at this time, you pray for James - that God would give him peace and strength and comfort despite feeling unwell and the uncertainties of what lies ahead. For myself, please pray that I may be able to juggle looking after Zoe and visiting James.
  • Praise God that Auntie Grace and Grandma Fong and Uncle Stephen (and their dog Rusty) have again offered to look after Jeremiah (who also has a cold - please pray for his healing as well) during this time.

Please continue to pray for them.

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